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Jesus is Our Peace - July 26, 2015

Ephesians: United in Christ
Message notes by Pastor Ewings based on his sermon from Ephesians 2:13-22

Peace is such a hard word to define. While the dictionary might try with phrases such as “freedom from disturbance” or “freedom from or the cessation of war or violence,” these secular concepts don’t give us the whole picture.  The Lord uses numerous passages to describe and define what peace is in His eyes.  Take a look at a few examples:
“I have no peace, no quietness; I have no rest, only turmoil.” —Job 3:26
“Great peace have they who love your law.” —Psalm 119:165
“The fruit of righteousness will be peace.” —Isaiah 32:17
“The peace of God...transcends all understanding.” —Philippians 4:7
The ancient prophets spoke concerning Christ as the One Who would bring peace.  Isaiah called Him the Prince of Peace. Micah described the ruler of Israel who was to come out of Bethlehem as the One Who would bring and be peace. The angels above the fields of Bethlehem sang of peace on earth among the people of God’s good pleasure.  But this passage tells us more.
In the text before us today, we see what might be the clearest, most concise definition of peace in the whole Bible; Paul writes, “He Himself is our peace.” That “He” is Jesus—the One person Who destroys everything that separates and divides, Who brings all things together as one united church.
We can seek to define peace in many ways, and our lives demonstrate just how difficult it is to come to a true definition.  We seek out peace through work and rest, by getting outdoors as well as seeking the refuge of our home, by going full throttle as well as being a couch potato. We truly live at peace when we learn to define it just like Paul does: Jesus is our peace. 

First Lesson:  Numbers 27:12-23
Second Lesson:  Ephesians 2:13-22
Gospel:  Mark 6:30-34

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